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Analyze your fleet’s performance with reports

Analyze your fleet’s performance with reports

Shifting from paper logs to electronic logs has some obvious advantages — time savings and reduced cost. But there is another benefit that often goes unnoticed — digitized data. When you switch from paper to electronic you unlock valuable data about your drivers and vehicles that can help you make smarter decisions.

However, data by itself is not enough. You have to be able to analyze that data to draw informed conclusions.

We are excited to announce the new “Reports” feature that makes it much easier to analyze your drivers’ logs data in the KeepTruckin Dashboard for Fleets.

There are six types of reports to choose from:

  1. Logs Detail
  2. Violation & Error Summary
  3. HOS Violations Detail
  4. Form & Manner Errors Detail
  5. DVIR Detail
  6. Logs without DVIRs


You can filter reports by date, driver, and group.


You can easily export a report as a CSV or PDF file.



As always, we would love to hear what you think about the new reports feature. If you have any questions or comments, email us at



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